10 Megatrends Shaping Healthcare’s Next 10 years

10 Megatrends Shaping Healthcare’s Next 10 years


Megatrend #1: Consumers Take Charge

Diego Miralles, MD, Head of Janssen Healthcare Innovation, points out that “Empowering and trusting consumers with their own information could unleash huge efficiencies in healthcare.” As patients have both more information about health issues and better tools for monitoring their own behaviors and health status, they are gaining more control over their care. Consider that in the U.S .alone more than 75% of healthcare costs result from chronic diseases—many of which are preventable with the right behaviors—and the importance of consumers taking charge of their own health is clear. Sub-trends supporting “consumers in charge” include:

  • The birth of insurance Marketplaces, resulting in the “Insured Consumer.” Healthcare Marketplaces will result in new shoppers comparing plans and prices. At the same time, high-deductible and cost-sharing plans will lead to a new awareness of care costs—and new options, such as limited provider networks, for lowering expenses.
  • The “information everywhere” phenomenon, leading to the “Engaged Consumer.” Transparency is the word of the decade. From the prices of drugs and hospitals to the clinical facts about conditions to the scoop on doctors and treatments shared on social media, any information we want will be readily available.
  • The explosion in self-care, creating the “Responsible Consumer.” Consumers will be increasingly responsible for managing their own health. As a result, we’ll see fast growth in home-based self-care, as well as self-monitoring technologies. Initiatives such as “pay for performance” and “patient-centered medical home” will further spur the self-care trends.
  • Health communities, supporting the “Active Consumer.” Community action will be the new foundation for building better consumer behaviors, including improved diet and exercise habits. From employers to social services to public health to providers, organizations and individuals will join together to encourage healthy lifestyles and reduce the costs of chronic, preventable diseases.

Megatrend #2: More with Less: From Volume to Value

Doing more with less is an over-arching theme of our revamped healthcare system. Across the board, stakeholders will need to support higher quality, better outcomes and greater patient satisfaction —all while reducing costs. “Value” will be a central focus, as we seek to improve the results we achieve for every dollar we spend. Six “sub-trends” will support the megatrend of delivering the best performance with the least expense:…



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