Q&A with Radiologist Dr. Douglas Smith

Trends in Weight-Bearing MRI for Spine Practices: Q&A With Dr. Douglas Smith

Douglas K. Smith, MD, interventional spine radiologist and founder of Musculoskeletal Consultants, and Stephen H. Hochschuler, MD, co-founder and spine surgeon at Texas Back Institute, will discuss spine MRI in a webinar titled “Weight-Bearing MRI in the Modern Spine Practice: Meeting Challenges of Milliman Criteria.” The webinar is sponsored by Esaote North America and Musculoskeletal Imaging Consultants.

Dr. Douglas Smith discusses a little more about the Esaote MRI and Weight-bearing MRI in a Quick Q&A before the Webinar. Dr. Douglas Smith Q&A.


Q: What are the perceived benefits of The Esaote MRI system over traditional MRIs?

                            Dr. Douglas Smith: The Esaote G-scan Brio is the first Tiltable MRI that allows…Read More.

Q: When would one use weight bearing MRI technology? Does this help address Milliman criteria?

                           DS: The best indication for weight-bearing MRI is…Read More.

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Medicare on Board with Brio!



1. US Depart of Labor (ACS# 617465200)

2. 1-2-1 Claims

3. Abercrombie, Simmons & Gillette

4. ADOA Risk Management

5. AIG Claim Services Division

6. Amerisure

7. Claims Administrative Services


9. BCBS-INN in process but can see patients with OON benefits

10. Humana-INN in process but can see patients with OON benefits

11.UHC-INN in process but can see patients with OON benefits

OON benefits require authorization.

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What would a disc herniation with cord compression be worth to your Claim?

What would a disc herniation with cord compression be worth to your Claim?


What would a disc herniation with cord compression be worth to your Claim?
What if it were not visible using conventional supine MRI
and showed only with weight-bearing Tiltable MRI like this example?
Send your clients to Brio San antonio and see what you have been missing!


Disk Herniation Supine (Normal MRI)           

Disk Herniation Supine

Supine Position No herniation


Clear Disk Herniation (Weight-Bearing Brio San Antonio)


Tiltable Weight-Bearing Clear Herniation

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Weight bearing MRI!

Weight-Bearing MRI: Why is it better?


Positional symptoms are common: most people describe more symptoms (pain and numbness) when they are standing or sitting than when they are lysing down. Most people say “I need to lie down to relive my pain”. This is strong empiric evidence that the pain generator is stimulated by weight-bearing and upright position and relived or decompressed by lying down.

Traditionally cross sectional imaging has been performed supine in the position where the pain is relived where there is lowest likelihood of displaying the etiology of the pain.

Tiltable MRI(TM) allows scanning in the position in which the patient experiences symptoms in question. This examination shows a Tiltable MRI with the patient sitting and supine. The sagittal plane T2-weighted images show dynamic disc herniations at C4-5 to C6-7 with the patient sitting with compression of the spinal cord and obliteration of the fluid anterior of the cord on sitting views.

The axial images show dynamic disc herniations in the sitting position with cord compression at each of the three levels. The supine views show only disc bulges with maintenance of fluid between the disc and the spinal cord. This would have been interpreted as a “negative MRI” based upon the supine images alone and demonstrates the critical values of weight-bearing MRI.


      Flexion C5-6 Weight-Bearing

Amezquita.ext.HNP_06       Amezquita.ext.HNP_06_14

Flexion Sagittal View                Axial View 5-6 Supine


    Extension C4-5 and 5-6 Weight-Bearing

Amezquita.FL.Bulge_07         Amezquita.St.C4.5_20         Amezquita.St.C5.6_25

Sagittal view (Bulge)                  Axial View C4-5                               Axial View C5-6

           No Cord Compression (Supine)

Amezquita.Sup.C4.5_18      Amezquita.Sup.C5.6_24     Amezquita.Supine.Nocord comp_12


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