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Patient Benefits

Patients Benefits

Most injured people hurt most when they are sitting or standing and lie down to relieve pain…

•Most conventional MRI examinations are only performed laying down, in the position least likely to show your injury because discs and ligaments are at rest.
•A Stress Test MRI® is a functional MRI obtains pictures while sitting or standing AND while lying down and shows on average 30-40% more abnormalities than laying down MRIs alone utilizing the unique Tiltable MRI®

“Its Your MRI…Don’t Take it Lying Down®”

 Watch Why…
• A Stress Test MRI® makes a difference: mins.)
• Posterolumbar Lateral Herniation: (2-3 mins.) mins.)
• Whiplash can be beyond straining (2-3 mins.)

More accurately diagnose your injuries
• Injured tissues are most apparent during weight-bearing and 30-40% of injuries may not be apparent on the lying down images.. that is why people lie down for relief.
• Stress Test MRI® also demonstrate that recent disc herniation’s change in size between positions…typical of recent injury.


We focus on specialty patient care and collaborating with HIPAA Security Confidence…

Expert Trauma Radiologists…

Brio San Antonio: Multiple Firsts
First Esaote USA installed Tiltable MRIs®
Creator of unique Stress Test MRI®
Only dual Tiltable MRIs® in the world.
•We specialize in trauma radiology of the Spine and Extremities.
Unique couple scanning- simultaneous scanning of multiple injured parties.
We’re fast, friendly and accessible!
We understand the need to start targeted treatment ASAP…our experienced trauma radiologist return reports and invoices directly to your team within 24 hours in most cases.

Collaborate with HIPAA Confidence…

•Salubrio is an leader in privacy and security and created a secure medicolegal email to replace FAX and conventional email that are not HIPAA compliant. Check it out today.
•We will be happy to visit your office for a demonstration.

Salubrio MRI provides PI360 Solutions: unique Tlitable MRI®, expert trauma radiologists, extended hours and couple/simultaneous scanning.